In what Obama called a "breakthrough", the two sides have resolved key hurdles pertaining to the liability of suppliers of nuclear reactors in the event of an accident and the tracking of fuel supplied by US and other countries for its proposed nuclear plants.

"We have broken the logjam of the past few years. We have reached an agreement. The deal is done," Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh announced after extended discussions between Obama and Modi lasting more than three hours.

5: 21 pm : PM Modi on being asked about his conversation with President Obama: Jahan tak baato ka sawal hai parde mein rehne de.

5:20 pm: The onus of dealing with climatic issues lies on the whole world not on few nations: PM Modi

5:19 pm : Thier is no pressure on India over US-China climate deal : PM Modi

5: 12 pm : Looking forward to the R-Day parade which I have heard is truly spectacular : President Obama

5: 11 pm: In the end I would like to say, "Chalein saath saath" (Translated: Let's walk together) :US President Obama

5: 11 pm : Thanked PM for his continued efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapon : US President Obama

5: 11 pm : I am looking forward to tomorrow’s ceremonies which I am told are spectacular : US President Obama

5: 10 pm : We have agreed to deepen our defence & security cooperation : US President Obama

5: 09 pm: Happy that we have agreed to promote clean energy & support climate change : US President Obama

5: 08 pm : All members of Congress and business members from US believe strong relationship with India is vital for America’s success: US President Obama

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5: 07 pm : Trade between the two countries have increased by some 60 percent : US President Obama

5:06 pm: Last year at the Maddison Square garden PM Modi was greeted like a Bollywood star: US President Obama

5:05 pm : Namaste, mera pyaar, mera namaskar : US President Obama

5:04 pm: Namaste, thank you PM Modi for those very generous words :US President Obama

5: 02 pm: Namaste, thank you PM Modi for those kind words: US President Obama

5:01 pm : I have asked President Obama to lead in making renewable energy more accessible & affordable to the world

5: oo pm : Decided to take up growing defense cooperation to a new level : PM Modi

4: 59 pm: The civil nuclear agreement was the centerpiece of our transformed relationship : PM Modi

4:59 pm: In past 4 months, we have got a sense of purpose to move it forward. (Civil Nuclear Deal): PM Modi

4: 58 pm: I see renewed energy in our engagement, thank you for setting the tone last September: PM Modi

4:57 pm: The promise and potential of this relationship has never been in doubt. This is a natural global partnership: PM Modi

4:56 pm : The success of this relationship is important for our progress and for peace and stability  around the world

4:55 pm: This (Indo-US) is a natural global partnership :PM Modi

4: 54 pm: The first US President to visit India twice,reflects transformation in our relationship,shows your deep personal commitment to the relation: PM Modi

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4:51 pm : It is a great pleasure and privilege to welcome back President Obama and the First Lady to India: PM Modi

4:50 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing joint press conference

4:35 pm : PM Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama to issue a joint statement shortly

3:31 pm: India and US achieve a breakthrough on operationalisation of the civil nuclear deal

2:30 pm: Obama-Modi hold talks on civil nuke deal and a range of issues

2:00 pm: Bilateral talks underway at Hyderabad House

1: 35 pm: Structured bilateral talks begin

1:18 pm: PM Modi receives Barack Obama at Hyderabad House

1:07 pm: PM Modi arrives at Hyderbad House

1:06 pm: Obama arrives at Hyderabad House

1:02 pm: Obama heads for Hyderabad House

12:55 pm: Delhi: US President Barack Obama plants a sapling at Rajghat

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12:50 pm: Barack Obama signs visitors book at Rajghat

12:45 pm: Obama pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

12:37 pm: Great honour, so grateful for the extraordinary hospitality: US President Obama

12:21 pm: US President Barack Obama introduced to Indian cabinet ministers & senior leaders at Rashtrapati Bhawan

12:19 pm: US President Barack Obama receives Guard of Honor

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