India and US have a fundamental stake in each other's success 'for the sake of our values and our many shared interests', wrote Modi in an international newspaper.

The article appeared on Friday, a day when Modi arrives in US to begin a five-day sojourn. Modi said that 'it is also the imperative of our partnership'.

"And it will be of great value in advancing peace, security and stability in the Asia and Pacific regions; in the unfinished and urgent task of combating terrorism and extremism; and in securing our seas, cyber space and outer space, all of which now have a profound influence on our daily lives," he said.

The Indian Prime Minister said that the complementary strengths of India and US can be used for 'inclusive and broad-based global development to transform lives across the world'.

"Because our countries' values and interests are aligned, though our circumstances are different, we are in a unique position to become a bridge to a more integrated and cooperative world. With sensitivity to each other's point of view and the confidence of our friendship, we can contribute to more concerted international efforts to meet the pressing global challenges of our times," he added.

Modi noted that this is 'a moment of flux in the global order'. "I am confident in the destiny of our two nations, because democracy is the greatest source of renewal and, with the right conditions, offers the best opportunity for the human spirit to flourish," he said.

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