New Delhi: External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Friday said that the country would soon come out of the "little turbulence" it has seen in the recent weeks on foreign policy issues.

"Over the next few weeks, I hope that things will begin to take shape that will applaud and support the confidence we have shown of being able to receive negative impulses and return them with degree of positivity," he said while speaking at the Asian Relations Conference in Delhi.

He said, "India will see itself through this little turbulence that we have seen in the recent weeks. People will come out and say that’s how foreign policy has to be handled." Lauding the efforts of foreign policy experts, he said, "The architecture that we have developed of India's foreign policy has protected and defended by taking a few blows on its body. The body is firm and strong."

"We don't let go off controversy and search for other answers simply because it takes a little time for diplomacy to work. Diplomacy will work and we probably see in next few weeks that how and why I said diplomacy works," Khurshid said. Thanking his predecessors for laying down the strong foundation of foreign relations, he said "the policies of Non-Aligned Movement and Panchsheel put us on a higher pedestal. The geo-politics may have changed over the decades but these policies remain relevant."

Highlighting the shift of the economic epicenter towards the Asia-Pacific, he said "what we are witnessing now is that the global economic and strategic focus moving towards the pacific and further into Asia." "Maritime supremacy is a whole lot of a great power. There can be no two views about the fact that India is utilising its ability to harness the power of Indian Ocean," he said.

The minister said that from India's perspective the concept of the India-Pacific will be looked upon as a natural corollary of the country's modern version o f Look East policy. "The Look East policy, in its modern version, has contributed to expanding and deepening of India's traditional relations with South and South-East Asia and increasing the country's interests and presence beyond Malacca strait," he said.


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