Washington: Condemning the arrest of Gujarat IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, Indian-Aemricans have demanded the Indian Government to conduct a full-scale investigation into the allegations made by him.

"The government's alacrity in arresting Bhatt, stands in stark contrast to its criminal inaction against police officers who have been charged with complicity in the riots," said Shaheen Khateeb, President of Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) in a statement.

IAMC said the CBI should be tasked with conducting a full-scale investigation into the allegations made by Bhatt against the Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, and other state functionaries.

"As the Haren Pandya murder case remains unsolved, Bhatt's claim of possessing documentary evidence that would point to his killers, should be probed without any regard to the status and position of the people he has implicated," IAMC said.

Another NRI group, Non Resident Indians for Secular and Harmonious India (NRI-SAHI) strongly condemned the Gujarat government for arresting Bhatt, who gave affidavits and presented information on the actions of the Gujarat Government and its police on February 27, 2002 for the control of riots.

"We the NRI-SAHI ask the Gujarat government to remove all charges against Bhatt and release him immediately. We ask the Gujarat government to let the judicial process started by the Supreme Court to take its course," it said.

"We ask the state government to stop intimidating police and civilian witnesses such as has happened with constable Panth who has recanted his testimony he gave in front of the SIT and Amicus Curiae," NRI-SAHI said in a statement.