These architectural designs attract thousands of tourist from across the world to take tour of the grandeur Indian craftsmanship. Taking a glance at our country's heritage will not only make you go awe-struck but also offer you a golden opportunity to relive the defining moments of India's royal era.

Take a glimpse of the architectural designs that will give you the feel of pathways to heaven in India.

Mahabalipuram Temples
The Mahabalipuram Temples depict the chariots of Mahabharata warriors are hewed from the granite rock face.

Khajuraho Temples
Most Khajuraho temples were built between 950 and 1050 CE by the Chandela dynasty have a rich display of intricately carved statues

Ellora Caves
An epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture is splendid blend of three religions: Buddhism, Brahmanism and Jainism

It is the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire which apart from picturesque beauty is the group of temples that is flanked by chariot structures, markets and even a courtesans’ walkway.

Ajanta Caves
The caves include paintings and sculptures described by the Archaeological Survey of India as the finest surviving examples of Indian art, particularly painting

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