Srinagar: Chief of Northern Command Lt General KT Parnaik has termed the presence of Chinese people in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) as a matter of serious concern. On Saturday, Parnaik maintained that Army has inputs about the presence of Chinese engineers and workers in PoK.

He said, “The Army has been officially informed about the presence of Chinese engineers and workers in considerable numbers near the Line of Control.” Parnaik claimed that Indian Army was well aware that Chinese residents are assisting the construction of a highway route.

“In the northern areas of PoK, Chinese experts and helpers have helped in the construction of a number of dams and other projects,” he added.

Parnaik denied commenting on the possibilities of workers in PoK being soldiers of Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). He came to attend a two-day military fair organized by Regimental Centre of Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry.

Parnaik said after the killing of Osama bin Laden, Pakistan may infiltrate terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir to divert attention of people from the internal problems. He asserted that previous such efforts by the neighbouring country have been foiled by Indian Army.

Though Parnaik did not rule out the possibilities of terrorist’s activity in PoK being indirectly linked with al Qaeda, he claimed that Laden’s killing had no effect in the valley.