New Delhi: Against the backdrop of Chinese military build-up along its boundary with India, the Army has proposed an increase in its strength by around one lakh and raising a new mountain strike corps along with other new formations in the Northeast.

"We have proposed to increase our strength by another 90,000 to one lakh troops and that has been cleared by the Defence Ministry. The proposal is at present awaiting clearance from the Finance Ministry," Army sources said here.

Army's present strength is more than 11 lakh troops including over 35,000 officers.

They said the increase in the number of troops will be done in a phased manner over a period of more than five to six years.
Asked about the expansion plan, Minister of State for Defence M M Pallam Raju said, "We are keen on securing borders and we will take steps to do so. Wherever we feel there is a threat, adequate measures will be taken."

Asked about reports that China could do a Kargil on India, he said, "There is nothing to be particularly alarmed about the Chinese border."

He was talking to reporters at a function in Manekshaw Centre here.

Under the Army proposal, which is likely to cost over Rs 60,000 crore, the Army has sought Government's sanction for raising a mountain strike corps and four mountain divisions.

The Army is also planning to deploy two independent armoured brigades in Uttarakhand and Ladakh.

Once cleared, the proposal would be put up before the Cabinet Committee on Security for approval and financial sanction.

Some of these additional troops would also be used for deployment in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands where the Army presently has an amphibious brigade.

The Army is planning to increase the strength there to a division size (around 10,000 troops) and has already started converting formations suitable for deployment in these territories.

The modernisation and expansion plan also includes setting up of new airstrips and helipads in remote locations around the Chinese boundary.

After a major military infrastructure buildup by China in its territory, India has been taking a large number of steps to develop its own capabilities.

It has been building strategic roads along the border with China and has deployed its supersonic BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles in Arunachal Pradesh and the Su-30MKIs at bases in Assam.

It has also started revamping its old air strips in Ladakh and the Northeast for operations of both transport and fighter aircraft from there.

Spl border personnel meet on Indo-China border

Army personnel of India and China held a border meeting at the 15,000 feet high Bumla Pass in Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh for improving peace and friendship.

Ahead of the meeting on Tuesday, both the delegations contributed a stone each at the Heap of Stones on the Sino-India border for harmonious relationship, defence spokesperson said in Itanagar on Wednesday.

The two sides interacted to resolve border issues and for improving peace and friendship along the border with the Chinese delegation hosting the Indians, he said.

The meetings are held four times a year, on May 30 and August 15 on the Indian side and October 1 and 30 on the Chinese side, he said.

The meetings have been a vital platform for resolving local issues to enhance peace in the sector.