Jaipur: To practice war fighting techniques, Indian Army will hold a major war drill session in Jaipur.

The exercise would be held at Thar deserts of Barmer and Jaisalmer districts where 12 Desert Corps and 21 Bhopal based Strike Corps will showcase their battlefield tactics for warfare scenario.

According to the sources, Pakistan along with China is practicing war fighting. For the rapid and quite mobilization of troops in case of war on the Western boundaries, proper plan has been chalked out. 

The Strike Corps from Bhopal will take more than 48 hours to reach the war site. In such a situation Integrated Battle Group will fight with the enemy. Later, Strike Corp along with the artillery, armored columns including tanks and mechanized vehicles will join the warfare.

The war practice session which is scheduled to begin from Saturday will be the biggest war drill session during winters. 11 divisions of the Desert Corp and 12 Rapid divisions are given the authority to prepare the fictional war like situation. The drill will continue till mid-December.