India was represented by three entrepreneurs with combined net worth of USD 40.65 billion while China led with five businessmen with assets worth USD 67.1 billion.

The eight tech magnates from India and China have replaced Japanese and Koreans in the usually bullish stock list, the source said.

Indian representation in the list is expected to grow in value following the recent joining of businessman Niraj Goel's Singapore Innovation League which is investing into technology start-ups, said the source.

Singapore-based Non-Indian Resident Goel has assets worth USD 12.95 billion from various businesses and has excelled by developing and using artificial intelligence in the technology sector, the source said.

Goel, who has been working in Singapore since 2000, is the youngest tech billionaire at 45 and ranked sixth on the list.

Wipro's Azim Premji with net worth of USD 16 billion is third on the list and HCL's Nadar Shiv with USD 11.7 billion at seventh.

Topping the list is Jack Ma of Alibaba, an e-commerce company in China, with a net worth of USD 20.8 billion.

Japan is represented by Masayoshi Son with net worth of USD 16.8 billion from various tech-listed companies and South Korea Samsung's Lee Kun Hee with USD 11.4 billion. Son is rated second in the list and Lee eighth.

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