Melbourne: Following several incidents of violence against Indian students in Australia, community leaders here have teamed up to help new migrants from India to adjust to a new life in this country.
A team of prominent community leaders in association with the Indian Consulate here have formed 'Committee on Student Related Activities' (COSRA) that would hold workshops for students educating them about several issues vital for any new migrants to start a living in the country.
Several incidents of violent attacks against Indian students were reported in the country that prompted Indians to take to the streets seeking more security and safety.
The community realised that some homework was needed from the students' end as well. The inception of COSRA took place after realising that need.
"I  believe that the positive impact of COSRA's activities will go well beyond individual students in Australia and will assist with increasing enrolments in educational institutions in Melbourne in the longer term," said Primus Australia CEO Ravi Bhatia, coordinator of the group.
The organisation is formed with the sole objective of assisting Indian students and making a direct positive contribution to the Melbourne education sector.
It will assist new students from India in settling down in the country. The group would also provide them personalized help in dealing with emergencies.
COSRA will extend emergency assistance as "point of last resort" for medical advice, legal advice, bridging accommodation and employment advice.
A large group of volunteer doctors, lawyers and other highly skilled professionals are also in the organisation.