"We are sorry to hear that our people have been attacked over there. The Kenyan government should look after the safety of our people and let them do business harmoniously," Avi Sabavala, president, Vadodara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said.

A huge chunk of Gujarati business community stays in Kenya. The four-day siege at Nairobi's Westgate mall ended on Tuesday. At least six Indians, including three who hailed from Gujarat, are dead.

Sabavala said, "Our people are resilient. This attack may have impact on Gujarati business community in the short term, but I do hope that the Kenyan government will try to instill confidence among the Gujaratis again."

Kamlesh Vithlani of Vithlani Enterprises said, "The Gujarati community is not feeling safe over there. They are not feeling secure. Even in the last couple of years many of them have come back to India. Kenyan government should make them more secure.”

Saira Khan, director of research and development, Advance Electronics System said, “Gujaratis are entrepreneurial by nature. They are spread all over the world and have contributed to developing Kenya. I condemn such attacks. Being a person from a place of Gandhian values we want people to negotiate for a cause rather than killing."


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