Gurgaon: In welcome news to all the cricket aficionados of the country, Team India’s swashbuckling batsman Yuvraj Singh who is struggling from non-malignant lung tumour has shown a sign of recovery and will be on field just after 29 days. 

As per the doctors the southpaw is recovering from the illness and has been advised a month’s rest.

Shabnab Singh, mother of Yuvraj Singh said that he suffered the infirmity during the World Cup and Indian Premier League. It seemed that it is all due to stress of back to back matches. But when he did not show the sign of recovery then we thought there is something wrong with his health. Later it was proved that he had lung tumour.

Shabnam Singh also claims that, Yuvraj is perfectly fit and under the diagnose of doctors. He can still be on field. “We need to be very careful for him as he has been instructed for a month rest by the doctors,” she added.