Mumbai: Anurag Kashyap is angry yet again! Anurag Kashyap says he doesn't trust Indian distributors as they lack imagination. His next production ‘That Girl In Yellow Boots’ starring his actress wife Kalki Koechlin is his first film to get a worldwide release.

Angry at the attitude of Indian distributors who didn't think his film worth releasing abroad, the director decided to keep it on hold, till he got a proper international release.

"My film is releasing in 30 prints in America in non NRI theatres, and also in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Scandinavian countries, southern Europe. I have given my film to non Indian distributors." Anurag reveals.

The filmmaker adds, "Indian distributors who release films abroad basically book theatres. They just buy world rights for a film and they think if the film doesn't have big stars, the audience abroad won't be interested in watching it. They only look at the Indian diaspora, the NRIs as their audience.”

He says, “They don't even know how to release a film for the non-NRI market. So instead of admitting that they are idiots and they don't know how to do it, they reject a film saying it doesn't have a market abroad.

They did the same thing with TGIYB and I was so angry. If a film has a star, even my chaiwala can distribute the film. Except Aamir Khan, no one in India has done intelligent marketing. So I decided to hold the release of the film till I get the right distributors."

Distributors defend

Ramesh Sippy, Raksha Entertainment says, "If we don't agree to pay Rs 25 for a something worth R 10, we are accused of lacking imagination.Please understand that distribution is bearing the biggest brunt of Bollywood flops. It takes us 5 years to recover the losses. If you want us to have imagination, trust our judgment and let us buy it at the price we feel right and take the share from the profit.”

He adds, “Producers demand price, which is not economically viable to us. Everything that is good may not be good at the box office.There are buyers for any good film. I distributed Tere Bin Laden. You cannot expect us to have an imagination at the cost of an empty packet."

Suniel Wadhwa, 52 Weeks Entertainment Inc says, "Such kind of movies definitely has international market but you have to pick up correct distributors to reach those markets."

Sanjay Ghai, Mukta Arts Ltd. "What do I say. I have not seen film. Whoever has rejected it can answer this. It's true that star system works in India, internationally. Shaitan was a good film but due to lack of stars it didn't work.If it's a good film then it will work and distributors will also understand. I wish him well."