London, Jan 19 (Agencies): An Indian-origin doctor has been appointed to the post of Scotland’s ancient traditions as Lord Cornet. The doctor is based in Scotland and will hold office throughout 2011.

The Lanark Cornets Club members have chosen Raul Mascarenhas, 42, who is of Goa origin, as the town's standard bearer for 2011.

He is a popular general practitioner at the Woodstock Medical Centre in Lanark.

The Lord Cornet has several duties as a representative of the town, mainly during June's Lanimer Week. Mascarenhas, born in Dundee, said after he was chosen, "I'm shocked to have been chosen. I think I've been picked because I know what Lanimers is all about and how important it is to the town. The committee was looking for a well-known local person who will always live in Lanark, and I think I fit the bill because I'll work here for the rest of my days".

He added: "Apart from when I married Selma in 1998, being picked is the biggest honour of my life so far."
The office of Lord Cornet is of ancient origin, its holder having important duties to carry out in relation to the maintenance of the burgh boundaries which were laid down by David I and his successors, according to the Lord Cornets Club.

The Kings, when establishing Royal Burghs, included as part of the "business contract" between the Crown and the Burgesses, a stipulation that the march stones were to be inspected every year and a report of the findings returned to the Crown.

The duty of inspecting the land march stones would originally have been a simple matter, but as years went by the process was elaborated upon and became more festive in nature with more people becoming involved.
Each Lord Cornet automatically becomes a member of the Lord Cornets' Club which was established by former Lord Cornets of the town in 1949.

The principal objectives of the Club are to support the Lord Cornet in his year of office and to maintain the equestrian traditions associated with the Lanimers.

To this end the Club keeps in contact with other border towns, supporting their festivals and inviting their representatives to Lanark.