Muhammad Asad Yamin, 19, returned to Bahrain on Tuesday following the successful surgery at Welcare Hospital in Gujarat.

Yamin suffers from Milroy's disease and had a condition called lymphedema, which causes fluid retention and tissue welling, which affects his ability to walk.

Yamin was admitted to King Hamad University Hospital in Bahrain in October where doctors recommended amputation below the knee to prevent any infection spreading to his vital organs.

However, he has undergone knee replacement surgery in India and his father Muhammad Yamin Yasin said that he  was able to stand and walk without assistance.

The surgery was paid for with money collected during a fundraising drive in Bahrain and was carried out by chief arthroplasty and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Bharat Modi.
"We are so happy that within just a month our son not only had a successful surgery, but is now able to stand and walk on his own," Yasin said.
"Doctors in Bahrain earlier said they would amputate his leg and we were afraid, thinking he would never be able to walk again. But thanks to Dr Modi and his team who treated my son I am so happy to see him walking in front of me," he said.

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