The decision to revise the Minimum Referral Wage for the country's workers in the country to 100 Kuwaiti dinar per month (approximately Rs20,850) for labourers or farm workers (including similar categories) is with an immediate effect, the Indian embassy in Kuwait said in a statement.
According to the embassy, the decision has been taken after analysing the labour market situation in the region.
"At present the minimum wages for Indian labourers (both technical and non technical/farm workers) working in Private Sector (Visa No.18) range from KD 70 (Rs 14,600) to KD 80 (Rs 16,685) per month," the Indian Embassy said.
As per the statement, the aforementioned minimum wage will continue to remain exclusive of accommodation, food and other amenities stipulated in the Kuwaiti laws and regulations.
The revision of wages of other categories of workers in private sector will be announced later.
In a similar communique, the embassy warned against Indian touts hanging around its premises trying to cheat and mislead their countrymen.
"All Indian nationals are advised to ignore these touts who are often seen hanging in the vicinity of Embassy premises," it said.

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