Kolkata: Fishes are the bread and butter for the fisherman but a bit of a greed for catching the Hilsa fish is landing them behind the bars.

Sold at high rates in the local markets, the Hilsa fishes are rarely available in sea under Indian jurisdiction. Therefore, the fishermen enter Bangladesh sea limits to catch Hilsa, which are found there in abundance.

The officials of the Fisheries Department of West Bengal reveal that fishermen cross the Bangladesh borders during evening hours with an intention to return under the cover of darkness. However, at time owing to high tides and rough weather, fishermen fail to return and are caught by Bangladesh Navy.

Last month, a boat of 50 fishermen went missing amidst bad weather of which some were reportedly arrested.

Rahul Majumdar, SDO, Kakdwip said, “Fishermen often enter foreign waters in search of Hilsa and are arrested by the Bangladeshi Navy.”

According to the Fishermen Association, fishermen always deviate from their way in search of Hilsa fishes. They believe that though the specie is found in saline water, it sometimes comes to the sweet waters of river Padma (Bangladesh) or river Ganga for breeding. But due to Ganga getting heavily polluted, the number of fishes has been drastically reduced due to which they are forced to intrude in Padma waters.

Meanwhile, the State government is planning to introduce stringent rules to prevent wandering and might even implement the frisking of fishermen at the borders.