London, Jan 18 (Agencies): The Indian High Commission has dismissed all the allegations against the UK Indian diplomat Anil Verma and asked his wife, Paromita to return to India with Verma against her wishes.

In a statement, the Indian High Commissioner Rajesh Prasad said that Anil Verma never threatened his wife and son and also chided Verma’s wife Paromita for making the domestic violence episode public.

Britain gave India an embarrassing choice last week-either revoke the diplomatic immunity of senior envoy Anil Verma or recall him. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) refused to waive Verma's immunity, and chose to recall a man whose personal troubles have spilled out into an embarrassing story for India abroad.

Verma is expected to return to India over the next few days after he's had time to pack up. But there's no clarity about whether he will be accompanied by his wife and child or not. It's also unclear whether he will actually be prosecuted when he returns.

Verma's wife Paromita, sources said, works with the railway ministry and she is currently on study leave. Her return, therefore, is determined by her ministry, although the government would bear the costs of her return as well as her husband.

For Verma, the MEA should actually be sending a report on the incident to the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), which will then decide whether to prosecute him, after giving him a fair hearing.

Agencies reported a British Foreign Office spokesperson as saying, "We can confirm that we have formally requested the waiver of diplomatic immunity for a diplomat posted at the Indian high commission in London. The Foreign Office does not tolerate diplomats working in the UK breaking the law."