New Delhi: Sarabjit Singh was not fortunate enough like Purushottam Singh and Surjit Singh who were released by the Pakistani authorities after languishing several years in jails.

Expressing unhappiness over the government’s lackadaisical attitude, they said that had the ruling dispensation at the Centre made efforts for bringing Sabarjit back to the country, he would have been alive.

Recalling his old days, Purushotam Singh of Ludhiana said that he had joined the Army as a spy in 1973. In the very next year, the Pakistani Rangers had arrested him while he was returning from Bhikhiwind Kalra post to the country.

Purushotam was lodged in the same Kot Lakhpat jail where Sarabjit was imprisoned. Later, Purushottam had been shifted to another jail. He was released on August 14, 1986.

Pusushottam says that he was kept in dark cells where Pakistani officials used to abuse him. Several prisoners would visit his cell to attack him, added Purushottam. Fortunately, he returned to the country safely.

Similarly, Surjeet Singh, who spent 30 years in Pakistani jail, is also very sad. Surjeet said that the government failed to exert pressure on Pakistan for the release of Sarabjit.

After spending 16 years in Pakistani jail, Gurdaspur resident Ashok Kumar returned to the country this year. Kumar said that Pakistani jail officials beat up the Indian prisoners mercilessly.

Similar is the story of Gopal Das who returned to country in March 2011after serving 27 years in Pakistani jail. Gopal Das said that he spent three years with Sarabjit in Kot Lakhpat.