New Delhi: Even as the investigative agencies continue to grope for possible leads into the recent Mumbai terror attacks on Wednesday, it’s equally ironical that the investigative agencies have failed to make headway into three other terror attacks that rocked different parts of the country after 26/11.

Even the institution of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has failed to yield any result.

Terror raised its ugly head in the form of terror attacks at Jama Masjid, Varanasi and Pune's German Bakery. The investigative agencies are still clueless about the trail of those who perpetrated the crime. Though a chargesheet has been filed by the Mumbai Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) in German Bakery blast case, but the police have no clue about the attackers.

Earlier, in February 2010, with a major blast in Pune's German Bakery, the Indian Mujahideen (IM) had made their presence felt after the Batla House encounter in the national capital. Mumbai ATS has filed chargesheet against Bhatkal brothers including six other persons in this case but all the six persons with the main accused of planting explosive are out of police reach. 

On the other hand, police have no answer about the August 2010 blasts at one of the Benaras ghats. In broad day light, bike borne assailants had opened fire at foreigner tourists outside Jama Masjid on September 19, 2010 ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Even announcement of monetary awards for any information about the terrorists proved futile.

Notably, IM has not only taken responsibility of all the three attacks but has also warned to commit more such attacks.