New Delhi: Shopping in stores, malls is soon going to become a thing of past. A recent survey shows that online shopping has become a hit nowadays. Buyers want everything delivered at their doorsteps with just a click of mouse. The statistics of the survey state that Delhi’s jewellery, Ahmadabad’s religious posters, Jaipuri pillow covers, Bijnaur’s bikini are the most ordered items on shopping websites. No matter where these items are manufactured but are in demand all around the world.

With 40 percent increase in e-business Uttar Pradesh stands eighth in online shopping. E-bay an online shopping site recorded a 6 percent increase in the number of online buyers during the last quarter in 2011.

Upper middle class buyers prefer online shopping these days, which is time saving and economical. Products are being delivered within hours of placing the order online. The changing patterns of choices and preferences of an Indian buyer have led to a business of USD 10 million through online and mobile shopping.

With the help of Internet and Mobile Association of India the online shopping business is expanding with an annual growth rate of 70 percent. According to a report India has third highest number of internet users. E-marketing technology company Akten’s survey states that there is an increase of 18 percent in online business. Social networking sites and e-mail have contributed significantly in this direction.
The five industrial sectors where e-marketing is on a rise are Retail, distribution, Media and entertainment, IT and Marketing services. The Indian traders in these sectors are earning huge profits in international market through e-shopping. The Indian products and services are reaching out to about 189 countries in the world. Majority of orders come from America, UK, Australia, Canada and Germany. Online retail market offers trustworthy products, numerous options, and value for money. The Indian online market excels on all these parameters which a buyer seeks.