The Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC), which has 50,300 members in UAE, 20,500 of whom are in Dubai, would be flying Keralities, who are eligible to vote, on April 7.
“It is a one-way ticket on discounted rates to Kozhikode district. We are in talks with a private company as well as Air India and Air India Express to charter the flights. The facility is exclusively for Keralites,” KMCC general secretary Ebrahim Elettil said.
He said the facility is available not only for KMCC members but also for non-members, provided they are from Kerala.
The organisation was founded by expatriates from Kerala with an aim of extending humanitarian and legal assistance to those in need.
The number of chartered flights operating will depend on the number of people who come forward to register for the facility, he said.
“The private company is charging Rs 8,319 per person for 165 people, while the other two airlines from India are charging Rs 12,477 per person to fly 180 people and Rs 9,981 to fly 180 people respectively,” Elettil said.
Elettil, however, said the KMCC will not have any influence on voters who use the charter flight services.
“An individual is free to vote for whoever they wish. Our only aim is to make sure that Keralites living here get an opportunity to exercise their voting rights,” he said. 


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