Amritsar: Recalling December 17, 1971 (Friday), when India won war against Pakistan, Dr Sant Singh who was deployed at Haal gate went down memory lane when people were in celebration mood and raised slogan of ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ on roads till late night amid sounds of drum beats and cracker bursting.

Prabhdev Singh, resident of Ranjit Avenue, who was Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) of police in 1971 said, “Pakistan spy had informed India about Pakistan attack plans beforehand. Police had received an anonymous letter in which it was written that I am a Pakistani spy and while residing in Amritsar, one of our friends got treated by Dr Baldev Prakash . Although Dr Prakash didn’t know about our identity but he saved our friends life, hence we want to tell you that Pakistan can attack on India within 2 days.”
As per Prabhdev Singh, this letter must be in police records. It was immediately sent to SP Dilip Singh. Consequently, India was fully prepared for the war.

Colonel Harkirat Singh Sandhu of Ranjit Avenue, D block said, “Approximately 90,000 Pakistani soldiers knelt down in front of General Jagjit Singh Aurora.”