Melbourne: A 24-year-old Indian student was awarded the Young Victorian of the year 2011 for his outstanding work to raise awareness on the issue of violence against the community members in Australia.

It is reported that Amit Menghani, who once led a rally of over 2000 international students expressing their concern about spate of violent attacks against Indians, was was given this award on Friday.

Menghani is the president of federation of Indian students of Australia (FISA). He is an aerospace engineering graduate and migrated to Australia when he was 18.

In 2009, he sought to raise awareness of the problem of violence against Indians after a young student was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver at a party in Hadfield.

"There lacked a channel between the media and the students, so I decided to make people aware that these things were happening," Menghani said.

Meghani was born in Jaipur and raised in the United Arab Emirates.

In his acceptance speech, yesterday, he said he had  learnt from his family's sacrifice and understood that in life, you needed to do "that little bit extra".

The Victorian of the Year Award is awarded for outstanding public and community services.