Jitendar Arjunwar, 15, was sent to Juvenile Prison in the country's Hyderabad city in Sindh province on Wednesday. He had crossed the border near Khokhrapar and was arrested by Pakistan Rangers at Cheta chowk.

According to Khokhrapar police SHO Khurshid Bhatti, the teenager spoke both Urdu and English.

The boy told police that his name was Jitendar Arjunwar, son of Aishurya Arjunwar, and that he was a resident of Madhya Pradesh.

He had a quarrel with his mother about two months ago and left his home in anger, he told police.

After nearly a month, he reached a place where he found barbed wires and thought that the wires had been placed to stop livestock in the area.

He dug out soil beneath the wires and continued his journey. When he later became thirsty, he moved towards a place where he saw some light. On reaching the spot, he found some people wearing military uniforms, who gave him water and inquired about him following which he told them his identity.


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