A total of 13,400 visitors from India visited Australia during October this year, an increase of 9.5 percent as compared to the same period last year.
Visitor arrivals from India were predicted to rise by 7.5 percent and 7.6 percent to 1,63,800 in 2012-13 and 176,300 in 2013-14 respectively, according to Australia's Tourism Forecast Committee report.
"Markets expected to experience strongest gains in visitor volumes in 2012–13 are China (15.9 percent), Malaysia (13.9 percent), Singapore (12.5 percent) and India (7.5 percent)," said the report, released earlier this year.
"This revision represents a difference of 6,500 more visitors in aggregate. In the longer term to 2021-22, average annual growth of 7.2 percent to 306,100 visitors is expected," it said, while noting trends among Indian tourists.

Average length of stay rose 20 percent to 66 nights per trip while total nights in hotels, motels and guest houses and serviced apartments rose 17.2 percent to 0.5 million compared with same period in 2011-12, the report said.
"Visitor expenditure is forecast to rise 19.8 percent in 2012-13 to USD 867 million. In the longer term to 2021-22, average annual growth of 10.9 percent is forecast to USD 2 billion, representing an upward revision of USD 354 million," it said.
Last year, Tourism Australia had launched India 2020 Strategic Plan which was developed to maximize India's tourism potential and set a foundation for the future, when long haul leisure travel by Indians becomes more common.


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