New Delhi: Though the fairer sex has excelled in almost every sector in the country, not all working women are free to spend their own income as per their wish. According to the World Bank Report 2012, one out of every five working women in India cannot relish the pleasure of spending their own salaries as per their choice.

The report says that until this right is not conferred to women, gender discrimination cannot cease to exist.

The World Bank has recommended all the developing nations to increase women participation in agriculture as well as industry to achieve higher production. The contribution of the women can spike rate of food production by 4 percent while industrial production could increase between 3-25 percent.

On a positive side, the report has complimented India’s achievement in dealing gender discrimination but has called for more efforts in this regard.

The report has termed India’s efforts in curtailing reproduction rate as better than the US. While a single woman on an average gave birth to six children in 1960, the number has declined to 2.3 per woman in 2009. While America took a century to reduce the same number, India made it possible within 50 years.

However, in reference to India, the report says that in spite of women succeeding in the nation, it has not made much of a difference in improving the gender discrimination in the country. Hence the government would have to imply changes in its policies.

The World Bank has formulated four goals for all the nations: to reduce the women death rate, better opportunities of education, equal opportunity in production sector and fulfillment of their wishes and desires in household matters.