According to a survey by online career and recruitment solutions provider Monster Worldwide and Gfk, an independent global market research company, over half of Indian workers (55 percent) love or like their jobs a lot, placing India at third position in international happiness ranking, behind Canada (64 percent) and the Netherlands (57 percent).
Among the seven countries surveyed, United States was ranked fourth with 53 percent saying they either love or like their jobs, followed by United Kingdom (46 percent, 5th), France (43 percent, 6th) and Germany (35 percent, 7th).
The international survey that polled more than 8,000 workers in Canada, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, the UK and the US, said nearly one in five (18 percent) Indians love their jobs so much that they would work for free.
Moreover, only 5 percent of Indian workers admit they actively dislike their jobs and no Indian worker said they hate their jobs – the lowest percentage of all countries surveyed.
"The research findings are a reflection of prevailing business scenario and employee/worker mind-set where they want to be safe and not take any risks," (India/Middle East South East Asia) Managing Director Sanjay Modi said.
The survey further said that money does not buy happiness as those with medium level pay packets are happier than those with huge salaries. Three in five (60 percent) of those with middle incomes say they like or love their job as compared to just over half (52 percent) of high earners. Lowest earners are the least content with less than half (47 percent) saying they are happy at work.
"There are many variables to job satisfaction – and the size of your pay check is only one aspect," Modi added. Meanwhile, on the other end of the happiness spectrum, US respondents are the most likely to feel negatively about their jobs, with 15 percent giving their jobs a big thumbs down, followed by UK (12 percent), Germany (10 percent), France (9 percent), Canada and the Netherlands (both at 7 percent).


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