Toronto: An Indian-origin teenage student succumbed to his injuries on Monday after he was shot dead by unknown assailants in his west-end Toronto townhouse complex on Sunday night.

Fifteen-year-old Andrew Naidoo is the youngest victim in Toronto this year.

"This hole that was made will never be filled. He's like a son to many neighbouring mothers. Andrew loved his family. (He) is his mom's baby and nothing will change that," the victim's family said in a statement.

A Toronto police spokesperson said, “It's something you could never understand really. When we look at somebody of a young age we still consider them to be a young vulnerable person.”

Police said they are looking for various suspects. There could a second victim of the shooting as Naidoo was with someone when he was shot.

“We believe a second victim, or witness, was chased by the suspects either just before or just after the shooting,” said police who have released a youtube video seeking help from any witnesses to the crime.

Last week, an Indian-origin student of the University of Waterloo near here drowned in the chilly waters of Pickerel Lake while trying to save a friend.

Ishan Srinivasan, 21, who lived in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, drowned when their boat capsized in frigid waters, plunging him and his two friends into the lake. He was cremated here on Thursday.