A food ordering portal recently conducted a survey to understand the increasing gastronomic preferences for cuisines like European and Pan-Asian, to name a few.

The survey highlights that 36 percent of total orders placed on the platform across India are for non-traditional grub, which is a testament to the fact that Indians are embracing foreign cuisines and giving their taste buds a break from the conventional 'dal chawal', read a statement.

As far as the trends from city to city are concerned, Delhi leads the game with 21 percent of its denizens opting to gorge on non-traditional dishes. It is followed by Bengaluru (18 percent), Gurgaon (12 percent), Hyderabad (12 percent), Mumbai (10 percent), Pune (10 percent) and others (17 percent).

The non-traditional cuisines that Indians show a distinct leaning towards include Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, European, Italian, Pan-Asian and Seafood.

Rohit Chadda, managing director and co-founder, foodpanda.in, said: "Our latest survey brings a clear finding to light about how Indians are going beyond their staple diet to explore world cuisine."

Also, while Pan-Asian cuisine comes across as the most obvious choice for foodies at 45 percent, it is closely followed by Seafood (25 percent), Middle-eastern (11 percent) and Japanese (9 percent).Meanwhile, Mexican and European grub have emerged as the least-preferred choice by connoisseurs as a mere five percent of the orders are made for the same.

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