Dubai, Jan 05 (Agencies): With a population of around 600,000, Indians top the list of non-Arab foreigners living in Kuwait, official statistics said.

According to the country's Immigration General Administration, a large number of them (233,000) worked as domestic helpers while around 81,000 were on dependent visas.
Of domestic helpers, 26,374 were men and 54,708 women while those on dependent visas included 157,000 men and 76,000 women.

According to New Delhi reports, around four million Indians live in the Gulf.

The Sri Lankan community in Kuwait is the second largest, with an estimated population of 84,000, followed by the Bangladeshi community with around 68,000, and the Filipino community with around 60,000 people.

The figures indicated that 48,000 Indonesian women and 129 men lived in Kuwait last year.

According to these figures, the number of expatriates "on work, dependent, domestic, tourist, commercial, and Government" visas has now decreased by 13 per cent.
Indian embassy in Kuwait could not be reached for a quick response.

According to 2009 figures, Kuwait's total population was 3,441,813, including 1,087,000 Kuwaiti nationals and 2,354,261 foreigners.