New Delhi: When it comes to negotiating a salary hike, Indian professionals are the most confident lot and career-related negotiations are like a game of tennis for many of them, a survey has found.
As per the survey conducted by professional networking website LinkedIn across eight countries, Indian professionals are the most confident people in career negotiations like asking for a raise or closing a business deal.
"Of the eight countries in which LinkedIn conducted the research, India was the most confident country when it came to negotiating," LinkedIn said today.
About 47 percent of the nearly 400 professionals surveyed in India reported that they feel confident about negotiating. On the other hand, around 24 percent participants opined that they feel anxious about negotiating.
For as many as 28 percent of Indian professionals surveyed, negotiating is similar to playing a game of tennis, where two equal players compete in an organised game.
"Only seven percent of survey respondents from India reported feeling indifferent about negotiating, while South Korea topped the list as the most indifferent country (21 percent)," the report said.
Only four percent of Indian professional said they felt frightened during negotiations.
The survey covered more than 2,000 professionals spread across eight nations.
Moreover, 37 percent of men surveyed said they were confident about negotiations compared to 26 percent of women who felt the same way.
"Professionals today are well-equipped for making informed decisions to further their career.
"Be it negotiation in a new job or making requests in existing roles, professionals can derive a great deal of confidence and insights from engaging with their network," LinkedIn Country Manager Hari V Krishnan said.
LinkedIn, which has more than 150 million members worldwide, has over 14 million users in India alone.