The Dawn criticized Shiv Sena activists for disrupting a media briefing of an Indian music group and the Meekal Hasan Band from Pakistan in Mumbai on Tuesday.

"It is difficult to keep reined in rightwing elements that are only too willing to resort to violence to oppose that which they do not tolerate," it said in an editorial.

It recalled how the Shiv Sena activists shouting "Pakistanis go back!" invaded the Mumbai Press Club, overturned chairs and heckled members of the band.

"At the government level, the stances of Pakistan and India appear to be softening in certain areas such as trade. But until ways are found to counter intolerance, true good relations will remain elusive," it said.

The daily said the Mumbai incident was not the first time "rightist elements in India have used such methods to (fuel) intolerant attitudes towards Pakistan".

In August 2013, a painting exhibition by Pakistani artists in Ahmedabad was attacked by Bajrang Dal activists.

On another occasion, "political activists tore up a cricket pitch rather than allow Pakistan to play".

In January 2013, two Pakistani plays to be staged in the National School of Drama in Delhi were cancelled as the authorities could not ensure security, the editorial said.


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