Key highlights

1. "That capability in India today is quite sophisticated, quite advanced. That capability was on display in Nepal as part of India's response to the earthquake," Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal said.

2. "We have seen a remarkable response by the neighboring countries, certainly, the Indian government and the Indian military," she said

3. Biswal further said that the recent super cyclone that hit Orissa was a tremendous reflection of India's capabilities because the loss of life was minimal in a Category 5 super cyclone.

4. The US has played a role in enhancing India's disaster management capabilities Biswal added.

5. Biswal said quake-hit Nepal would need a lot of international support to address the developmental challenges. And also praised regional response to the Nepal earthquake.

6. Assistance was mobilized by Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Thailand. It's been a tremendous outpouring of effort from within the region and across Asia.

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