New Delhi: No more oily petrol bunk attendants, no more cribbing about being cheated by the attendants in refueling your car tanks! Indian Oil Corporation launched the first petrol pump with self-service refueling facility in the country.

The first self-refueling petrol pump opened in the national capital on Wednesday in South Delhi at Rajkumar Service Station near IIT.

Under the concept, the customer shall be provided the option of refueling his vehicle either through the pre loaded automation tags or the manual option by feeding the quantity to be dispensed by the dispensing unit.

Petrol pump owner, Ish Chopra said, “In order to erase the misconception about malpractice adopted by workers at the petrol pump while filling fuel, we have started self-service at the pump”.

“The petrol pump is fully automatic. After filling, the fuel machine will provide slip with full details”, he said.

It is noteworthy that such automatic petro pumps already exist in the United States and Europe. Malaysia also launched a few petrol pumps with the same service facility recently.