Accustomed to hearing disappointing news, the 6.5 percent annual GDP growth revealed by the Centre is not encouraging either and further adds up to the woes of the people. For the quarter ended March, 2012, the economy expanded at 5.3 percent, the lowest in 9 years. This indicates that the golden era of India’s economic growth is coming to an end. The government has often pinned blame on the volatile economic situation prevailing globally thereby indicating that it is trying to shield its failures. It is hard to believe that a vast country like India is solely dependent on international circumstances. However, the fact is that government’s failure is responsible for the deteriorating economic conditions.

The government should not be in an illusion that they can fool the people by painting a rosy picture of the Indian economy. The failure of the government proves that they don’t deserve to be in power. If the government is so indecisive then it is better that we have general elections as soon as possible. Keeping mum will not help the cause of the government; it has to take some tough decisions. A similar situation prevails in the states as the governments have shied away from taking tough decisions. The state governments like the Centre are only focused on populist measures. A befitting example of this is the ‘Bharat Bandh’ called against petrol price hike. Undoubtedly this increase in prices is a big blow to the common man but no political party has come up with an alternative. Politics in matters related to economy will further push it to the gallows. It is unfortunate that the political parties have failed to build a consensus on matters that could provide some relief to the ailing economy.