New Delhi: After being released on bail in London, all hopes for Dawood aide Iqbal Mirchi’s extradition is fading. Even some senior officials of CBI and Home Ministry are of the view that the evidences against him are not strong enough for his extradition.

Previously in 1995 when Iqbal Mirchi was arrested in London, a London court had denied his extradition.

However, a senior officer of CBI Interpol said that the agency is in regular touch with London based Interpol and is focusing on every legal aspect of the case but due to lack of sufficient evidences against him, it will not be easy to convince the court for furthering extradition process.

As per the Interpol official, Mirchi cannot be held an accused of 1993 Mumbai blasts as there are not enough evidences to nail him. He further said that even the Red Corner Notice against him was issued on the basis of a FIR filed by Mumbai police for smuggling narcotics. He further said that during the last two decades evidences against him have never been corroborated. 

Mumbai police has been instructed to keep in regular touch with Interpol division of CBI for furthering its probe.