It is indeed thrilling to even think that our country would be equipped with Hollywood movie 'Star War' like hi-tech arsenal.  

If you recall, during the late 90s laser guns were shown being used in the popular sci-fi television serial 'Captain Vyom'. Back then, hardly any of us would have had imagined that someday our country will own such guns in reality.  

Many of us are not aware what the laser weapon system is all about and what are the advantages of the gun. Do not worry! Here we share with you some features of the laser-gun:

- The Star Wars-like laser weapon is also called Directed-energy Weapons (DEW)  

- The weapon uses an infrared beam from a solid-state laser array which produces high output to destroy the target.

- It hits the target with high-energy rays and high-powered microwaves.

- Directed-energy Weapons are technically known as AN/SEQ-3 Laser Weapon System or XN-1 LaWS.

- DEW was first time tested by USA's Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in May 2012 in which scientists made the beams to track an unmanned aerial vehicle target.
- The laser weapons were completely developed by the United States Navy in 2014.

- The modern weapon was commissioned to United States of America's commander of the Ponce.

- USA's LaWS is a ship-defense system which has beet fitted into an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone) which hits boat attackers.

-The DEW, that the DRDO is developing, has tested a 10-kilowatt  weapon against unmanned aerial vehicle-like targets.

- The sophisticated weapons are expected to be completely ready for use in next 15 years.

Compared to conventional weapons, the cost of per shot by DEW is very low. DEW can be fired by remote control. Since it can be fitted into Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles, it can hit far-reaching targets without any risk to human life. Targets such as small UAVs and drones can be shot down in two seconds. The laser gun can target a water boat's motor and defunct it. Also, DEW can hit aircrafts and targets explosive rockets fitted on them. The severe rays of the gun burn down choppers causing them to crash.

By Raju Kumar/JPN

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