"India demonstrated to all MTCR partners a sustained commitment to non-proliferation, and has a legally-based, effective export control system that puts into effect the MTCR guidelines and procedures, and administers and enforces such controls effectively," State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau said yesterday after India became a full member of MTCR.
"All 34 current members, including the United States, agreed India met the standard, and that India's membership would strengthen international nonproliferation," Trudeau told reporters at her daily news conference.

In a separate statement issued by the State Department, the US welcomed India's accession as the newest MTCR member. "India possesses substantial missile-relevant technology and has excellent non-proliferation and export control credentials. Its accession bolsters substantially the regime's effectiveness and objectives," the state department said.
"India is a valued non-proliferation partner. We look forward to working with India in the MTCR in support of our shared non-proliferation goals," it said.
The MTCR is an informal and voluntary association of countries that seeks to reduce the global missile proliferation threat, primarily by controlling exports of rocket and unmanned aerial vehicle systems capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and related equipment and technology.


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