India last hosted West Indies in Mumbai on November 14, 2013 since then India haven't played any Test match on home grounds.

Out of the last 15 Tests, India had played 13 on foreign soil and lost seven games, while five ended in a draw. India won the lone Test against England at Lord's on June 17, 2014.

Here is the list of Team India's last 10 Tests:

1. India vs New Zealand at Wellington on February 14, 2014: Match ended in a draw.

2. India vs England at Nottingham on July 9, 2014: Match ended in a draw.

3. India vs England at Lord's on July 17, 2014: India won by 95 runs.

4. India vs England at Southampton on July 27, 2014: India lost by 266 runs.

5. India vs England at Manchester on August 7, 2014: India lost by an innings and 54 runs.

6. India vs England at The Oval on August 15, 2014: India lost by an innings and 244 runs.

7. India vs Australia at Adelaide on December 9, 2014: India lost by 48 runs.

8. India vs Australia at Brisbane on December 17, 2014: India lost by four wickets.

9. India vs Australia at Melbourne on December 26, 2014: Match ended in a draw.

10. India vs Australia at Sydney on January 6, 2015: Match ended in a draw.

In the last 10 Tests, Indian manged to win only one and lost five, while four matched ended in a draw.

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