"Despite the Ubers and the Olas, individual buyers of city and commuter cars are not going to become extinct," Mahindra said in a video message at the launch of the company's compact SUV here.
Though he conceded that overall volumes of commuter and city users may drop because of the "sharing economy", there will "indeed remain many buyers who would want to own a car and enjoy the experience of driving".
On heightened sensitivity to pollution, he said, "There is going to be enormous societal pressure to use vehicles in cities with small footprint, both in terms of carbon and space occupied."
It can be noted that Mahindra was among the leading auto industry chieftains to flag concerns around taxi aggregating apps in September last year.
"The ease of access being offered by taxi-hailing apps like Uber and Ola is the biggest potential threat to the auto industry. Since these apps operators have made transportation a commodity, (auto) sales could be hit and volumes may be impacted," he said.