Washington: Nearly three-fourth of Indian Americans voted for US President Barack Obama in the swing states which are considered to be decisive in final results, a sample survey has found.

In the survey done by San Francisco-based April Media among those voted from Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida and Virginia, 75 percent of Indian Americans voted for Obama.

In Pennsylvania, however, the community favoured Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate. Indian Americans in Pennsylvania think that "Obama did not bring about the changes he promised," April Media said.

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Interestingly, among total Indian Americans in these swing states, only 40 percent were registered to vote as rest of them was either on a temporary visa status or permanent residents, the press statement said.

In the national survey, 60 percent favored Obama, while 20 percent favoured Romney. As many as 10 percent of the people surveyed stayed away from voting while 10 percent did not even bother to register to vote.

"The interesting thing was about 20 percent of Indian Americans who believed in Republican policies defected towards Obama camp," said April Media in a statement issued here.


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