According to a report in the local media here, Yudhoyono may call Singh on Thursday.
Quoting Presidential spokesman Teuku Faizasyah, `The Jakarta Post' has said that the President was planning to call Singh, but he did not provide further details. "There is a plan for that [call]," the report quoting
Teuku said.
As Indonesia is hosting the WTO meeting, it wants to conclude it successfully. The report said that Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan too confirmed that "It [the call] is being planned".
India has hardened its stance clarifying that it would not accept any interim solution on the food security issue. "India's right to food security is non-negotiable," Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma said during a press briefing.
The G-33 group including India is demanding amendment in the WTO agreement on agriculture in order to procure food grains at minimum support price from resource poor farmers and sell it at cheap rates to poor people.
There are apprehensions that once India would implement its food security programme completely, it may breach the 10 percent farm subsidy cap. India is demanding a permanent solution to the issue.
Developed countries have proposed an interim solution of 4 year peace clause.  Under the peace clause, a WTO member gets immunity against penalty for breaching the food subsidy cap. It would also allow India to procure foodgrains at the MSP and sell it at subsidized rates through the public distribution system.
As per the WTO norms, a developing nation can provide food subsidy of up to 10 percent of the total farm output. India’s Food Security Act entitles 82 crore people to 5 kg of foodgrains per person a month at Rs 1-3 per kg. The country needs 62 million tonnes foodgrains a year to implement the law.
The G-33 proposal on food security is aimed at addressing the problems faced by developing countries due to outdated WTO rules which base agriculture subsidy calculation on external reference prices of 1986-88, even as global food prices have increased manifold during this period.
Sharma is here for the ninth WTO ministerial conference. The meeting is aimed at reviving the Doha Round of stalled talks for a global trade deal. It was started in 2001.


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