Tahawwur Hussain Rana, a Canadian terrorist of Pakistani origin who allegedly conducted the Mumbai reconnaissance before the 26/11 Mumbai mayhem, has implicated the Pakistani government and its intelligence agency ISI in the appalling attack. The documents being produced in the court regarding his trial in Chicago, Rana conceded that his support to terrorists in the Mumbai attacks was done at the behest of Pakistani government and the ISI as well but not the Lashkar terrorist organization. Rana’s proposition could give a jolt to the efforts being made to improve Indo-Pak relation. However, India had inkling about ISI involvement in the 26/11 carnage as the gravity of attack per se suggested that it was not the handiwork of Lashkar-e-Taiba terror outfit alone. This apart, India, considering that the past should not be a hurdle for the future, took initiative to improve relation with Pakistan. Undoubtedly, the 26/ 11 holocaust could not be forgotten and it is disappointing that the Pakistan government is reluctant to punish those who orchestrated the pogrom. Albeit there was a perception that the Pakistan government might not be involved, the confession of Rana has clarified the former’s stand. Now it seems that the Pakistan holding anti-government elements accountable for the 26/11 was making sheer flimflam. Surprisingly, Indian Foreign Ministry says the revelation of Rana will not hamstring the efforts of improving Indo-Pak relation. The Ministry stated that both the issues are different. Should it be assumed that despite Pakistan’s non-cooperative and unfriendly attitude, the Indian government will keep up its efforts to build relation with Pakistan?

It was a good posture that India extended an olive branch to Pakistani premier by inviting him for watching cricket at Mohali. Despite knowing the fact about Rana’s revelation, the decision to initiate cricket relation with Pakistan could hit hornet’s nest. Undoubtedly, the Mohali mega event has proved that the cricket could lessen the rancor between the two countries. In fact, cricket is such an entertaining game which could break diplomatic impasse, but if the Pakistan government itself is involved in anti-India activities, the charm of cricket will fail to thaw the relations between the two nations. It is not possible that Pakistan is on one hand involved in anti-India activities, on the other the cricket teams of both the countries will forget all those bitter feelings and continue to play an important game like cricket.