Indore: Indore has emerged as the cleanest city in Madhya Pradesh while the state capital Bhopal faring poor at the tenth position, according to a national survey report.
Under the National Cleanliness Policy 2008 survey, 423 cities with population of over one lakh across the country were surveyed for sanitation in which 25 major cities of the state were considered for rating.
At 61st in the country, Indore topped the list in the state while Bhopal figured distant tenth lagging behind cities like Mandsaur, Damoh, Chindwara, Shivpuri, Jabalpur, Katni and Chatarpur respectively, an official statement quoting the survey said.
On the scale of 100 points, the Indore Municipal Corporation scored 43.3 points standing first among all 25 cities in Madhya Pradesh, it said.
The scale was divided into three principal categories with 50 points for output indicators, 30 for process-related indicators and rest for outcome related indicators.
The survey standards included availability of private and public toilets for poor families in the urban areas including slums, besides sanitary facilities for migrating population and employees and workers of various organisations and institutions, it said.
According to the statement, points under the outcome-related indicators were accorded on maintaining baseline standards of drinking water, maintaining baseline standard of water resources in and around the cities and reduction of water related diseases as per the baseline standards.
Each of these sub-categories carried points/marks ranging between six and seven months.
At the national level, Jabalpur is ranked at 231th position, Bhopal at 153 and Gwalior at 378.