Indore: Absconding for the past 17 years, a hard core criminal was arrested soon after his return to hometown Indore. The arrested identified as Jalil son of Habib Noor was nabbed from a relative’s residence in Indore.
A case was lodged against Jalil in 1994 on the charges of attempt to murder, riots and insurrection at the Pandarinath police station of Indore. The police raided his residence but he managed to escape.
In order to save himself from being arrested by the police, he fled to Saudi Arabia and took up a job.

When Jalil returned to his hometown Indore after 17 years assuming that the case file would have been closed, he was caught by the police. He had not even visited his home and was staying with his relative at Rajendra Nagar but someone informed the police of his arrival.

A few hours later, the police came into action and arrested him.
He was presented in the court on Thursday evening and was sent to jail thereafter.