In a measure to give fillip to Indo-US relation, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said America will extend help to fight violent extremist groups. In her three-day visit to India, which is overshadowed with the Mumbai triple blasts, she also mentioned that the perpetrators of the serial blasts should be brought to book, in what could be seen as a stern message to Pakistan’s indecisive stand on handling terrorism. Hillary’s tough statements for terrorists and Pakistan’s lax approach to terror outfits do not carry much significance, because she vividly stated that Pakistan could be strategically helpful in dismantling the terror outfits. May be Pakistan is helping America tackle terrorists, but it is crystal clear that Uncle Sam does not rely on Pakistan. In fact, America is playing footsie with Pakistan only to safeguard its interests in Afghanistan. America sometimes pats Pakistan’s back, or it comes heavily, but when India’s interests come to picture, America changes its stand. Hillary Clinton said that Pakistan has been urged to take action against the brainchild of Mumbai blasts, but she equally mentioned that there is a limitation of America and India to take action against Pakistan in the perspective of terrorism. This clearly drives home point that America has no intention to create pressure on Pakistan to give up its anti-India activities. Our ministers and mandarins must know that America will be not helpful for India in tackling terrorism.

Pakistan is engaged in fighting terrorists on its western side, bordering Afghanistan, in order to mollycoddle America; while it allows many terror outfits operate from its eastern side. America knows it well that anti-India activities are being operated from this area, but it declines to demolish the terror networks. Albeit India knows America’s intention, the ruling dispensation in the country still believes that America will help out India in tackling terrorism. Despite good relation with America in general, having scores of trade and commercial bonding, it is unlikely that America will play a pivotal role to checkmate anti-India activities being operated from the soil of Pakistan. India’s foreign policy regarding Pakistan is also murky for a long. India sometimes distances itself from Pakistan, and sometimes former extends olive branch to later. Perhaps this may be the reason that America is also evading to help India to fend off terrorism.