Tata Group chief Ratan Tata disposed before the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC), probing into the irregularities found in the allocation of 2G spectrum, revealing the fact that he shot off a missive to DMK supremo and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi urging him to induct A Raja as a Telecom Minister. It palpably spells out that the Prime Minister was neither able to select his ministers nor distribute portfolios. It is not surprising that the same sort of recommendation might have come for other ministers and departments too. Whatever may be reality, the meddling of industrialists in the selection of ministers drives home the point that the coalition politics has donned the cloak of give and take, which proves the feebleness of the government. Industrialists and others generally want to see leaders of their choice in favorable ministry, but it is disappointing that such leader after taking charge of ministry gets involved in scams or gives undue advantage to selected people. Time will speak whether the companies of Tata Group got benefited from Raja, but it is clear that some ineligible companies managed to get 2G spectrum. The top brass officials of these companies have to face PAC. It is to be seen if they come clean, but one cannot deny that such incident has dented image of industrial world and administrative system. It would not be hyperbolic to say that there has been moral degradation in the industrial world like politics.

The relation between industrial world and administrative system should not spawn scams and scandals. If politicians make their objective to serve industrialists, common people will suffer a lot. Going by the tug of war between PAC and JPC over jurisdiction, it is difficult to say that the committee will reach any solid conclusion. It is otherwise that chairman of JPC PC Chacko, probing the 2G scam, raises his objection to the working of PAC. When it is clear that power and jurisdiction of the two committees are polls apart, why should Chako have any problem with the action of the PAC? It augurs bad that the two committees meant to get to the bottom of the 2G scam have crossed sword over their turf. Does it mean, they want to settle any political score?