New Delhi: In a case that reflects the rot in the administration, a case of promoting ineligible faculty members to the post of professor has come to light in Delhi Technological University (DTU).

The 12-member committee, formed by the Principal Secretary (Higher Education), Delhi and DTU member secretary Anand Prakash, for assessment of the faculty members recommended promotion of 11 ineligible faculty members by keeping the guidelines set as under Career Advancement Scheme (CAS).

The files related to the promotion are pending with the Lt Governor’s office.

The lacunae have been brought in the notice of the university administration. Vice Chancellor Prof PB Sharma stated that University’s rights are limited in this regard.

According to sources, the committee for deciding on the promotion of faculty members included five experts from faculty of Jamia, three from NIT Jhalandar and four experts from other universities. Eight interview notices were sent on April 8, 2011.

Notice Number F.1 (833)/2011-SB/701-715 was issued by Training and Technology Department Superintendent Ajay Kumar Sharma under which interview was scheduled for April 11.

Interestingly, names, addresses and mobile numbers of the interviewers were listed with the interview notice.

When this fact came into light, University administration’s through its notification letter no. F.VC/DO/2010-11/73 on April 9 appealed Anand Prakash to call experts from IIT for the interview process.

Despite University administration’s request of that doing otherwise would affect the quality of education the committee failed to adhere to the rules and promoted the 11 faculty members.

It is noteworthy that those promoted also includes members who have completed their PhD in 8-10 years and have also been disqualified from appearing in examination for the post of professor conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Now the question is, how will the administration guarantee quality education if such faculty members are promoted?