Los Angeles: Lindsay Lohan, who has been in news off late for wrong reasons like trials and tribulations she had to face in drug case, has inspired a new comic book which aims at encapsulating the starlet's troubles in paper and ink.
Bluewater Productions has come up with a new comic book, 'Infamous: Lindsay Lohan' to be released in September.

Marc Shapiro who wrote the comic book, said, "This issue can be seen as a tragedy in motion; its last chapter has yet to be written. Lohan is a victim of the all-consuming celebrity culture and a perpetrator of bad decisions, the lack of self-control and an unhealthy sense of entitlement."

Publisher Darren G Davis said Bluewater is more than willing to turn the 'Mean Girls' star's bad press image into something positive.

"If Lohan contacted us right now and wanted us to donate some of the potential profits to a charity of her choosing, we would happily do so," he said in a statement.